Client Testimonials
From Connie:
Participating in this Hormone Replacement Therapy has been the best thing I could of ever done for myself.  This has changed my life to the better.  My thinking is so clear, and my energy level is wonderful.  My husband is also very happy because my desire to have sex is back.  He has truly been very patient.  

From Beverly:

I recently had the bio-identical hormone replacement done with "Fit Medical Weight Loss" .  My energy after about 3 weeks was better and I have not had one hot flash since the insertion. (I would normally have about 3 to 5 per week.) My thyroid level was low with my first blood test and so they put me on a Natural thyroid for one month which seems to have jump started my thyroid which is now at a normal level at last testing. I do not have to go back on the thyroid medication and it will be checked again. I am interested in seeing where this goes and I plan to continue with the bio-identical replacement. 

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"On the FIT system, I have learned portion control of real food, the benefits of regular exercise, and have seen faster weight loss results for less cost."

— Rachel