Exercise and Weight Loss: the Connection

At FIT Medical weight Loss Clinics our commitment to exercise is apparent—just look at our weight loss programs. Maximum success occurs when diet is combined with exercise. Consider this:

  • Each time you expend energy by exercising, your body needs to find that energy somewhere. If you've been watching your food intake, the body will move on to your fat stores, and voila! Down go the love handles.

  • Exercise releases endorphins throughout the body, bringing about a general feeling of well-being.

  • As you lose fat, you may also lose muscle mass. Regular exercise along with weight lifting keeps your strength up and helps to retain your lean muscle mass.

  • Aerobic activity decreases your chance of suffering from a heart attack, stroke, back pain or osteoporosis.

Though guidelines always seem to be changing, most experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. Our weight loss doctors agree. By combining regular activity with the proven FIT Medical Weight Loss system, you'll lose the weight—and keep it off for life.

So take a walk. Walk a dog. Resurrect your old track career by racing a child to the end of the street and back. However you choose to move, do it regularly. Your body will thank you.

Contact FIT Medical Weight Loss to discover how doctor supervised weight loss combined with an exercise routine can help you shed unwanted pounds. You can reach us at FIT Medical Weight Loss Centers today in AZ LocationsPhoenix and Mesa - Call 602-374-7226NM LocationsAlbuquerqueRio Rancho, and Santa Fe - Call 505-888-9575 or Las Cruces Call 575-222-4994.

"On the FIT system, I have learned portion control of real food, the benefits of regular exercise, and have seen faster weight loss results for less cost."

— Rachel