How to Lose Stomach and Hip Fat

Losing fat from stubborn areas like the stomach and hips can be daunting. Here's some advice for blasting that hard-to-lose fat.

Calcium Pyruvate

Taking your Calcium Pyruvate helps to remove fat from stubborn areas, as will following the FIT Medical Weight Loss Protocol and practicing a good exercise program.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Contrary to popular belief, doing abdominal exercises does not target the fat around your mid-section, and lunges and squats alone won't take the fat off your hips. There is no way to target specific areas of fat, you must do aerobic cardio activity which helps your body burn the fat as a whole and not merely from specific areas.

Example: Age 40. MHR is 220 - 40 = 180. 70-85% of 180 = 126-144 or the Target Heart Rate for cardio exercise. If you're looking for more than an estimate, consider discussing your target range with an exercise physiologist or personal trainer. Walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, step aerobics, rowing and rock climbing are all fun and effective exercises.

Weight Resistance Exercises

Resistance training generally involves lifting weights or all or part of one's body weight. It also consists of moving the body against some externally imposed resistance such as elastic resistance bands or a strength-training machine. These exercises are important as they help to increase muscle mass, which enables you to burn more calories and fat, even if you are at rest.

Abdominal Exercises

Ab exercises that specifically target the abdominals are crucial when it comes to building six-pack abs. However, to see those muscles in your abs you must do cardio exercises to burn the fat covering the muscles. The single most effective way to lose that stubborn belly or hip fat is cardiovascular exercise, so be sure to get your cardio workouts in every week.

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