"On the FIT system, I have learned portion control of real food, the benefits of regular exercise, and have seen faster weight loss results for less cost."

— Rachel


FIT Facts
FIT Medical Weight Loss Clinics in ARIZONA - Mesa, Phoenix, and Scottsdale - 602-374-7226 - NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe - 505-888-9575 - invite you to read below to discover more about our medically supervised, fast acting weight loss programs.

Medical Weight Loss Program Details

Your first visit includes a meeting with the physician, EKG, full medical history, blood pressure check, medication review, weight loss protocol review, Vitamin B-12 shot with Lipotropic fat burners, appetite suppressant, weigh-in, BMI calculation, body fat measurement and a health review. We will customize the medication needs to your specific requirements.

Future Medical Weight Loss Visits

Every additional week includes a Vitamin B-12 shot with lipotropic fat burners, appetite suppressant, weigh-in, BMI calculation and health review, plus an optional body fat measurement, physician chart review and any necessary counseling and program review.

FDA Approved Appetite Suppressant

We give our patients natural and FDA approved appetite suppressants. Our supplements have been effectively used for 50 years and work with your body's regulatory system to moderate your hunger, which lets your metabolism do its job.

The Weight Loss Diet

We keep it simple so you'll be able to adhere to the plan after you reach your goal weight. Think low fat, high protein and low carbohydrate options. You eat your own foods on this program so there is no relearning to eat once you've reached your goal. We'll provide healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and suggestions for selecting healthy restaurant options.

The Vitamin Injection

B-12 gives you extra energy (optional B-6); the lipotropic Amino Acids and Calcium Pyruvate give you fat burning power.

The Fat Burner

Calcium Pyruvate aids in removing fat at the cellular level while keeping muscle integrity intact. One of the problems with rapid weight loss is the seemingly inevitable loss of muscle; by integrating this fat burner into our programs, patients are better able to retain their muscle tone.

The Medical Weight Loss Clinic's Staff

You'll receive your weekly injections from medical technicians and FIT Coaches, but a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physicians assistant MUST sign off on your plan before you begin the program.

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