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Diet Tips on How to Survive Halloween

Posted on 10/9/2017 by Michelle Tupy in FIT Bit FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip Recipe Snacks Healthy Holidays tips to lose weight

In the lead-up to Halloween, it is hard NOT to notice the abundance of candy and chocolate in every aisle. And it can be a real struggle for people who are watching their weight or trying to avoid sugary foods altogether. It is all well and good getting into the spirit of the festivities and helping the kids out with their costumes, but it can lead to problems if you get the munchies. Out of sight out of mind is always best but Halloween does make it extremely tempting.

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How More Sleep Can Aid Your Diet

Posted on 10/9/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Women's Health FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip healthier way of life tips to lose weight weight loss tips

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. It can do more than just improve the look of your skin and improve your mental concentration. Ensuring you have healthy sleep patterns can also aid your diet and help you lose weight. To look your best, you need to eat well and exercise regularly. Perhaps this sounds familiar? You are often so busy making what seems to be the right choices for your body, that you end up sacrificing the quality of your sleep.

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How to Find your Diet Motivation

Posted on 9/25/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Women's Health FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip fast weight loss tips to lose weight

When your motivation to lose weight and stick to your weight loss program is high, everything seems easy. You can say no to that cupcake and be safe in the knowledge you are making the best decision for your body and your future. But when things aren’t going so well, you are feeling tired and your motivation seems to be at an all-time low, finding your motivation to stick to your diet seems almost impossible. Here are some of our best tips to help you maintain your motivation and reach your goal weight.

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Avoid the Office Eating Trap

Posted on 9/17/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip Healthy Holidays lose weight fast

If you work in an office environment then you will understand the problems it can pose to a weight loss program. There is always that one person who loves to bake while other colleagues are constantly bringing in donuts and cakes. Then there are the Christmas parties and office meetings where the tables are jam packed with unnecessary high calorie and high fat content food items.

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5 Cool and Totally Healthy Popsicle Recipes

Posted on 9/11/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Recipe Recipe Snacks Healthy Holidays

Summer may almost be at an end but it doesn’t stop us from craving a popsicle every now and again. While store-bought popsicles often contain sugar and unnecessary processed ingredients, home-made popsicles are more suited to a healthy diet and weight loss program. When you make the popsicles at home, you have more control over the ingredients which go into the recipes.

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Top Excuses Not To Diet And Great Reasons Why You Should

Posted on 9/4/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Women's Health FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip

Over the years we have heard a lot of excuses about dieting. Some of the excuses we hear on a regular basis, while others pop their head up on the odd occasion. While we may not be surprised to hear them, we do have a lot of benefits to offer those with excuses about why they should be dieting. It all boils down to the fact that there really is no excuse for not eating healthy, or even dieting, if necessary. The quality of your life depends on it.

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Posted on 8/28/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Women's Health FIT BIT Weight Loss Tip Healthy Drinks

Water is vital for your body to function properly. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, you need to ensure that you are drinking enough water to hydrate your body and stay healthy. Dehydration can be a serious issue if it is not monitored. When in doubt, drink. Dehydration is more common that you might originally think. Some statistics say that as many as 75% of Americans may suffer from chronic dehydration. Are you drinking enough?

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The Importance of Weekly Weigh-ins

Posted on 8/21/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Women's Health Healthy Holidays healthier way of life fast weight loss lose weight fast tips to lose weight

Your weight loss is important to us. At FIT Medical Weight Loss, we have tailored an effective program that will ensure results through healthy eating, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle approach. We understand how difficult it can be to keep up the momentum with dieting and how issues and events can interfere with your desires and needs. That is why we stress the importance of weekly weigh-ins for everyone.

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Get a Jump on Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 8/14/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Healthy Holidays fast weight loss tips to lose weight

If you are struggling to maintain your weight loss goals, don’t despair! It is never too late to get a jump on your New Year’s resolutions even at this stage of the year. Rather than let the holidays guide any future bad decisions, start early by making healthier choices. There is no absolute rule that says we must begin our resolutions on the 1st January. Each day offers a new chance to get it right. As the sun rises, we are presented with a clean slate. So why let it go to waste?

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Adapt Those Favorite Family Recipes For The Better

Posted on 8/7/2017 by Michelle Tupy in Weight Loss Recipe Dinners fast weight loss healthier way of life

Just because something has always been made that way, doesn’t mean there's no room for improvement. There are plenty of classic recipes that could do with a bit of modernization, particularly when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. Many of the classics are laden with carbs, cheese and butter and could be enhanced with fresh ingredients such as colorful vegetables and additional herbs and spices.

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